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M. W.'s 5-Star google Review for sciatica relief

The pain down my leg was unbearable! Sciatica is something I would wish on no one! My ortho said surgery was my only hope; but so many of my friends had tried that and still had pain. My PT referred me to try the DRX 9000 and from the third visit I began to feel better! It’s 3 months later and I am back at work and in the gym. Thanks to the DRX9000! I am back and loving it!

M. W.
New York, New York
L. T.'s 5-Star Google Review for low back pain relief

After numerous injections and surgical recommendations, I looked into the DRX9000 for non surgical and less invasive treatment for lower back pain. I received relief after a just few visits.

L. T.
New York, New York
M. G.'s 5-Star Google Review for herniated disc relief

All star miracle dr. 20 plus years of pain Sciatica and a Herniated disc. Words cannot describe how relieved I felt after my first session with Dr Willen. Recently I felt pretty immobilized with my Sciatica acting up not letting me walk for more then a half a block where my leg would go numb. Sitting was just as painful. Dr Willen worked on my whole body cracking away the pain. I feel like a brand new person walking out I probably walked more then I walked in the last few month and felt absolutely amazing walked with ease except for the heat. I'm definitely going to take his advice and follow up once a week for the next few weeks. Another major factor is that Dr Willen is extremely friendly and very patient throughout the whole process.

M. G.
New York, New York
A. G.'s 5-Star Google Review for neck pain relief

Dr Doug is a great doctor who has helped me manage back and neck problems with compassion, warmth, and excellent care. I've been seeing Dr Doug for several years, following a recommendation from a friend, and would recommend him highly. His office team is very responsive and makes scheduling appointments and follow ups easy.

A. G.
New York, New York
S. K.'s 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

Dr. Willen is a gift to the NYC area. He is a both a skilled doer and a skilled listener. Besides lessening pain, Dr. Willen has the experience and smarts to analyze what you need and don't need. In fact, his recent guidance accurately saved me both time and money. It's my pleasure to proactively recommend him.

S. K.
New York, New York
M. N.'s 5-Star Google Review for neck pain relief

The greatest doctor I have been going there about a month now and still going. I had neck pain, back pain, leg pain for 15 years and think God I found dr willen and now I feel great. I bring my mom she as an MS she can't walk but she had neck pain and back pain and shoulder pain and dr willen fixed her and she feels great and still going for her. Please if anyone who has any pain problems please go and see for ur self and you will appreciate after that 😊 thanks dr willen u r the greatest ❤

M. N.
New York, New York
C. T.'s 5-Star Google Review for lower back pain relief

My experience has been amazing. Ever since I started seeing doctor Willlen for my full body adjustments, I’ve seen the difference in my body and I feel relief from my lower back pain.

C. T.
New York, New York
R.'s 5-Star Google Review for pain relief

Dr Doug is awesome. He's incredibly talented, very kind, and makes going to doctor like a visit with an old friend. He explains everything in great detail, which is super reassuring. And the results are noticeable, even after one visit.

New York, New York
A. B.'s 5-Star Google Review for back pain relief

Dr. Doug literally saved me! I lived with back and shoulder pain for over five years. I spent time and money going to physical therapists and chiropractors with no improvement. The first visit to Dr. Doug’s office significantly decreased my pain. The visits after we’re very educational and effective. I am very happy with the results. I would reccomend him for everyone!! Plus, he is very kind and caring. He REALLY listens to his patients.

A. B.
New York, New York
K. H.'s 5-Star Google Review for back pain relief

Dr. Willen is everything you want in a doctor: professional, trustworthy, personable, attentive, and kind. He has worked with me for months to mitigate my chronic back issues, spending extra time working on me when he can and fitting me in last minute when I've really needed it. In addition to his care as a medical professional, his staff is so polite and friendly, his office is clean and relaxing, and he even works with patients to make the treatments affordable. I highly recommend Dr. Willen to those looking for a chiropractor in NYC.

K. H.
New York, New York

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